Letter from the Imam Alsadig Almahdi on behalf of the Presidential Coordination Council to President Mbeki

الإمام الصادق المهدي في برنامج مصر في يوم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


H. E. President Mbeki

President AUHIP

Subject: Pre-Dialogue Meeting

Dear Sir, 

On behalf of the Sudan Call Forces, we would like to reaffirm our confidence in the AUHIP which needs enhanced mandate to facilitate its mission of helping the Sudanese people to help themselves in the pursuit of comprehensive just Peace and democratic transformation.

The confidence of the People of Sudan in the effectiveness of Soft Power to achieve their legitimate aspirations has been recently confirmed by three events, namely; the nation-wide boycott of the rigged April 2015 general elections that ridded it of any value, the exposure of the ineptness of October 10th Khartoum dialogue, and the opportunity we have had to address the AUPSC that preceded the agreeable AUPSC communique 539.

It pleases us to inform you that the Sudan Call conference held in Paris in the period between Nov 10th and Nov 13th, 2015 has taken a further step towards consolidating its political platform by unanimously adopting the following resolutions:

(A) A National Charter for interim and future Peace, and Nation building.

(B) A roadmap for an all-inclusive credible National dialogue.

(C) Formation of a Presidential Coordination Council (PCC) to lead the Sudan Call Forces.

(D) Authorization of that PCC to reach out to all Sudanese stakeholders who vouch for comprehensive just Peace and democratic transformation; a process that will unite all the political actors towards peace and democratization in Sudan.

Our Paris Conference noted with satisfaction the AUPSC Communique 539 of 25th August 2015,reiterated its call for an urgent pre-dialogue meeting of all relevant parties at AU HQ in Addis to discuss with the AUHIP the means and ways to continue engaging with the Government of Sudan and other Sudanese stakeholders to realize an all-inclusive, transparent and credible National Dialogue, to continue to facilitate peace negotiations between the warring parties to stop the war and inter- communal violence in the Two Areas and Darfur, and to report back to the Council in 90 days (i.e. by 23 November 2015).

Based on this AU commitment to the National Dialogue, the Sudan Call Forces believe that the Pre-Dialogue will pave the way for the National Dialogue by the following agenda:

(a) Execution of necessary confidence building measures (CBM) that would create a positive environment for National Dialogue.

(b) Adoption of a Declaration of Principles (DOP) that will guide the National Dialogue process.

(c) To agree upon the agenda, the venue, the selection of participants, the timeframe, the chairmanship, the mechanism of decision making, the guarantees for implementation, the safety of participants, the observers and the finance of the National Dialogue process.

(d) Reinvigoration of the Two-Track One Peace Process mechanism mediated by the AUHIP to allow for cessation of hostilities, exchange of POWs, Humanitarian access, and lasting peace by addressing the particularities of the war affected regions.

Finally, we look forward to seizing this historic opportunity to convene an all-inclusive Pre-Dialogue meeting that will pave the way for a National Dialogue which would result in comprehensive just peace and democratic transformation for Sudan. This is a moment, if appropriately sought, would enable the peoples of Sudan to prove their well earned reputation for tolerance and moderation, and earn the AUHIP ascendance to the throne of peace-makers blessed by all the Prophets, and by the International Human Rights Agenda.

We are yours faithfully; the PCC 

– Alimam Alsadig Almahdi
– Dr Gibril Ibrahim
– General Abdul Aziz Alhilo
– Mr Faroug Abu Issa
– Dr Amin Makki Madani

On their behalf

Alimam Alsadig almahdi